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CFR Ireland is continuing its call for cross-party support for a Life Saving Equipment Bill, which would impose a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment or a €50,000 fine (or both) for those convicted of interfering with or damaging a defibrillator or life buoy.

Teagasc is urging farmers, landowners, rural dwellers and those using the countryside to be extremely vigilant and heed the high-level warning for forest fires, reminding everyone that it’s illegal to burn growing vegetation on uncultivated land up to the end of August.

Ireland’s Chief Fire Officers Association will host the 6th International Safety Education Seminar at Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin on 7-8 December, and now invites sponsors and exhibitors to come on board.

In the Spotlight

Ireland’s Naval Service will mark its 75th anniversary in September with a series of celebrations during the month to mark the significant historical milestone since the maritime, defence and security service was founded in 1946.

The management of airport rescue and firefighting services throughout the pandemic was outlined during a webinar, organised by the Airport Fire Officers’ Association to highlight the importance of strong staff collaboration, training exercises in adapting to current challenges and future resilience planning.

Global pandemics and cyber-attacks were, until recently, high-level threats that we have acknowledged, but for which we failed to adequately prepare. Both have come to pass, and the State has scrambled to mitigate the threat, according to
Commandant Conor King, RACO General Secretary.

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