Disaster Tech Lab (DTL), a charity based in rural Co. Galway, is sending a team of volunteers to Greece in response to the overwhelming refugee crisis.

The DTL team is deploying to Kos and Lesbos – the main route for refugees on their way to Western Europe. They use satellite services (Globalstar) and outdoor WiFi equipment (Cambium Networks) combined with tablets, laptops and VoIP phones to allow refugees and other aid workers to go online and to make phone calls.

As thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries arriving on these Greek islands, a number of impromptu refugee camps springing up all over the place is putting an enormous strain on the local infrastructure. The services that are available cannot meet the increased need.

“Besides shelter and food, people are also in need of communication,” says Evert Bopp, CEO of Disaster Tech Lab. “Our team will provide internet access and communication services to meet that need.” Their team will build public internet facilities as well a mobile internet service build in a vehicle.

These services will allow refugees to contact family and get access to necessary information. It will also allow other humanitarian aid organisations to better coordinate their work.

People interested in volunteering or supporting the organisation visit www.bit.ly/1N5o5OF or contact Evert Bopp on 086-8645099; email evert@disastertechlab.org