Dun Laoghaire RNLI is appealing to businesses in the community to become RNLI local ambassadors by sharing key water safety advice to help keep people safe.  

According to the RNLI, on average 175 people lose their life around the coast of Ireland and the UK each year, and says that by working together, the RNLI and the community can do something to change it.   

Liam Mullan from Dun Laoghaire RNLI explains: “Our local businesses are always very supportive of the RNLI and we are deeply grateful to them for that. Like our volunteer lifeboat crews, our local businesses live and carry out their work beside the sea. They help others to enjoy the water and like us, they care about keeping people safe around it.

“By becoming an RNLI local ambassador, businesses in the community through sharing our safety messages, can help us turn a preventable death into a life saved. Together, we can save every one.”

Appealing directly to local businesses, Liam continued: “The global outbreak of Covid-19 has forced us to be more innovative and creative when thinking about how we get our safety messages out in different ways this year. But with your kind help, we can spread our safety advice – in the simplest and easiest way for you – to protect more people by the water.”

To become an RNLI local ambassador, local businesses must first register their details and then they can display safety materials in and around their business, in addition to sharing on a social media post.

“We’ll inform businesses of any water safety training happening in their area so, if they would like to be more involved. We’re so grateful for such support and know it will really help make a lifesaving difference,” he added.

To sign up to become an RNLI Ambassador click on this link