The Helix To Host European Cyber Threat Summit 2018

The European Cyber Threat Summit, which returns to The Helix in DCU on 24 October, will focus on issues such as BREXIT, the General Data Protection Regulation and the European Directive on Network Information Security.

Expert speakers from all corners of the globe will descend on The Helix in Dublin with the most current and up-to-date presentations on cyber security for the eight year of the summit.

Last year over 1,200 high-end international attendees from 20 countries joined forces at the event to focus on the six core sectors of Finance, Government, Transport, Communications, Construction and IT.

Paul C. Dwyer, President of the International Cyber Threat Task Force (pictured left) said the focus will be to promote collaboration in cyber threat intelligence and a defined theme around detecting, responding and recovering from cyber incidents. ‘It’s not IF, it’s WHEN you are hacked’ will be referenced throughout presentations.

Over 50 expert speakers will explore relevant technologies, frameworks and approaches to dealing with these challenges and at all times cognisant of pipeline legislation such as the EU Directive on Network Information Security.

“Some estimates value global cyber-criminal activity at over $1 trillion – surpassing even drug trafficking. There are many reasons for the continued explosion of cyber-crime but it’s mostly because it is relatively easy to get involved, it’s very lucrative and it is generally quite difficult to get caught,” said Dwyer.