EMS personnel from the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain were rewarded for their commitment to promote and improve the European emergency number β€˜112’ at this year’s awards ceremony in Warsaw.

The 112 Awards Ceremony, organised every year by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), recognises individuals and organisations who are particularly engaged in improving and promoting the European emergency number ‘112’.

112 Awards

112 Awards

The event attracted over 350 emergency services representatives, international organisations, representatives of European institutions and solution providers, who gathered to recognise and support excellence throughout the European-wide emergency services field.

Held in conjunction with the EENA Conference 2014 on 2 April, the following initiatives in the field of emergency services and rescue across seven categories were awarded:

The 2014 Award Winners

β€’ Outstanding call taker – Poland;
β€’ Outstanding citizens – five children and one journalist from Poland;
β€’ Outstanding 112 education initiative – Greece;
β€’ Outstanding emergency call centres – Moravia, Czech Republic, and Catalonia, Spain;
β€’ Outstanding reform of the national 112 system award – Romania;
β€’ Outstanding rescue – Finland;
β€’ Outstanding emergency services innovation – Slovenia.