GoodSAM, the app which uses GPS technology to alert trained first responders including off duty doctors, nurses and paramedics, to nearby medical emergencies, has partnered with London Ambulance Service on a new project.

This Good Samaritan lifesaving community of off-duty ambulance staff and people trained in life support, can now be automatically alerted directly from a 999 call via London Ambulance Services (LAS) Computer Aided Dispatch service.

The sooner quality Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is started, the better the chance of patient survival. If a defibrillator is readily available (the location of which is shown on the GoodSAM app), patients are six times as likely to survive.

Volunteer responders with basic life support skills who are affiliated or trained to an LAS Standard can register on the GoodSAM app selecting London Ambulance Service as the verifying organisation.

The system concurrently alerts the three nearest responders who have the app on their phone and who may be literally next door.

If the responder is available and has already been approved through the governance process administered by London Ambulance Service for its own staff and members of the public with basic life support skills trained to an LAS standard, they can accept the alert via the GoodSAM app and make their way to the location of the incident.