The Health Research Board’s new strategy Health Research – Making an Impact sets out a clear direction for health and social care research over the next five years, taking into account the fact that people and patients must be central to the research process.

“The pandemic has highlighted that while our health system depends on the economy, without a well-functioning health and research system, economies can quickly grind to a halt,” noted Dr Mairéad O’Driscoll, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board.

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“We must consider health research a long-term investment to tackle health challenges and to prevent illness and improve people’s care,” according to Dr Mairéad O’Driscoll, CEO of the Health Research Board.

‘Health Research – Making an Impact’ will focus on the following:

  • Supporting research that makes a difference for people’s health, society and economy.
  • Harnessing data in a regulated way to transform how healthcare is delivered and how to manage our own health.
  • An independent voice to provide high-quality evidence that informs policy and practice. 
  • A thriving research environment; supporting research careers, ensuring highest standards of governance and ethics, and developing shared infrastructures such as clinical trials and biobanks. 
  • Building productive international partnerships to tackle global health and societal challenges like pandemics.

The strategy has also outlined the importance of international research partnerships. “The HRB is committed to fostering and enhancing European and international co-ordination, collaboration and engagement in health research, as well as providing continuous support to the Irish health research community to compete in EU funding programmes,” she noted.