A new search and rescue tracking application, which features emergency alerting, activity tracking and health monitoring has been launched by SafeTrx, the marine tracking and alerting technologies suite built by 8 West Consulting.

The new SafeTrx app, which was unveiled at the recent World Maritime Rescue Congress in Vancouver, is due for commercial launch at the end of the year. It has been significantly augmented with the addition of the m-Safety watch and platform provided by Network Communications Europe, part of the Sony Group.

The new app is directly connected via mobile data networks to the SafeTrx Command & Control solution, which means a very quick response in the event of an emergency, and the safety authorities can send information back to the user’s watch, confirming that the alert has been received.

The SafeTrx application will incorporate features such as location tracking, weather and tidal information as well as activity-specific screens. Speed and distance can be calculated using the GPS position. This means that users can track the details of every voyage, run or ride they take.

Users can choose exactly the type of information they want to see on their wrist and how they want it to be presented using the SafeTrx smartphone app. John Murphy, CEO of 8 West Consulting, said that the device will be made available in the 12 countries where the SafeTrx Command and Control solution is already in operation before it’s released globally.

SafeTrx is used in Ireland by the Irish Sailing Association (ISA) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) in the UK. Overseas SafeTrx is used by SAR authorities in Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, the Finnish Lifeboat Institution (FLBI), the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA), the Dubai Police, Sweden, South Africa’s National Sea Rescue Institution (NSRI), the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard (AVCG) and Marine Rescue Queensland (MRQ).

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