Kosovo Hospital

Since the first fully operational hospital in Kosovo opened its doors earlier this year, it has been providing surgical and associated medical support services to NATO staff on deployed operations.

The medical health facility, which was built and commissioned by Iqarus (leading provider of intelligent and integrated healthcare solutions in complex and demanding environments), became fully operational on 1 January 2018.

Iqarus was awarded the contract by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) and will support NATO-led peacekeeping missions (KFOR) on the ground in Pristina. Iqarus was responsible for the entire hospital build, equipping the facility and

recruiting a multi-disciplinary medical team. Key staff, among others, include trauma and general surgeons from Italy and Bulgaria, an anaesthetist from Greece, ER and ICU nurses from France, Spain, Portugal and Sweden. Kosovo nationals also provide a range of medical support services.

The hospital’s healthcare facilities include an emergency room, operating theatre, intensive care units, high-dependency units, wards, ambulance services and associated medical support services. Healthy staff are critical to ensuring the success of local missions; Iqarus will continue to operate the medical treatment facility for the next three years, providing continued facility management, training support and overall clinical governance.

According to KFOR, this new facility is part of NATO’s ongoing commitment to provide essential support services to staff on deployed operations.

About Iqarus: It provides integrated healthcare solutions in complex and demanding environments; its highly-skilled teams help organisations to keep their workforces safe, healthy, resilient and productive to enable success. Clients include multinationals, governments, NGOs, supra-nationals and non-profit organisations. For more information visit: www.iqarus.com

 About NATO-Kosovo Force: KFOR’s NATO-led peacekeeping mission has been operating in Kosovo since June 1999, to contribute to maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement. NATO co-operates and assists the UN, the EU and other international agencies to support the development of a stable and peaceful Kosovo.