London Ambulance Service has recently improved the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirement for staff during patient resuscitation

Following campaigning by activists from a UK trade union to have more protection during CPR procedures, the London Ambulance Service Trust Board increased the level of the PPE as recommended by the Resuscitation
Council (RCUK) – above the requirements of Public Health England (PHE).

GMB organiser Lola McEvoy said: “We’re grateful to the Resuscitation Council for confirming what frontline staff already know – performing chest compressions on a Covid-19 patient requires the highest level of PPE. It is essential that all our frontline members are given the utmost protection equipment and we welcome the real leadership London Ambulance Trust
have shown on this issue.”

She added: “These professionals should be able to determine and judge for themselves what level PPE they need, and we advise that if there is any doubt about the risk facing our members, they must absolutely have the highest level of protection. We urge PHE to update their guidance so that trusts across the country don’t have to make individual decisions and all frontline staff are fully protected.”