A new educational app that allows users to take on the role of a pilot, doctor or paramedic to undertake life-saving missions in a race against the clock has landed in London.

London’s Air Ambulance is partnering with schools to roll out the app across the capital. Designed for school children aged 11-14, but available to download free to all internationally, the HELIMED app aims to inspire a new generation of enthusiastic, technologically skilled young people in pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

The HELIMED aims to educate users about aviation, medical innovation, leadership and teamwork, while experiencing four virtual life-saving missions based on real-life roadside scenarios, responded to by advanced trauma teams. Players will be tested on a range of subjects including their maths, physics, medical knowledge, and decision making.

Dr Gareth Davies, Medical Director at London’s Air Ambulance said: “HELIMED provides a STEM educational platform that will not only engage schoolchildren, but provide an innovative resource for teachers by bringing compulsory Key Stage 3 topics to life.

“By injecting a little fun and excitement into learning through the app, we also hope to inspire future generations to think about pursuing careers in air ambulance, healthcare, aviation or other emergency services sectors.”

Including scenarios where patients have been involved in a road traffic collision, stabbed, or fallen from a height, participants assume roles as doctors, paramedics or pilots to try and save lives. They must first decide if the ‘999’ call fits the criteria for automatic dispatch of the advanced trauma team.

Next they must use their navigation skills to fly the advanced trauma team to the scene of the incident and choose the most appropriate landing site. Once at the scene they must perform surgery and administer treatment before choosing to which hospital the patient should be taken.