‘Who Can Care For Me Now?’ recalls one woman’s journey fraught with unknowns and a bold reminder of what it really means to provide care, in this raw and heartfelt memoir by Elizabeth Orr of the unexpected shift from sister to carer, from the time her brother collapsed to his death 29 months later.

Elizabeth Orr now exposes all, in a book one critic called the “sad and scary truth”. In ‘Who Can Care For Me Now?’, Orr takes readers on a journey through unexpected change, the shortcomings of the UK care system and the innate, unshakable love for her brother.

She had no knowledge of the realities of caring for someone desperately ill in the UK, until she found her brother, Norman, collapsed on the bathroom floor. Overnight, Elizabeth was catapulted into the medical and care worlds as she battled to support her brother.

The learning curve was vertical, as she struggled with the litany of paperwork, red tape, finance issues, and working with myriad NHS departments and resources required to keep her brother alive.

Charting their emotional journey through a complex care system – in hospital, at a neurological nursing home, and receiving care at home – from Norman’s initial collapse to his untimely death, just 29 months later, she hopes her book will help those who have found themselves battling medical, care, legal, financial sectors as a result of encountering serious illness personally or witnessing the suffering of a family member or friend.

She says she hopes to raise awareness, not just of the daily sacrifices made by carers everywhere, but also of the devastating effects of brain disease – and to stimulate much-needed conversation about how care is provided and needs to be improved.

‘Who Can Care For Me Now?’ is available on Amazon

About the Author: Elizabeth Orr is a debut author with a passion for helping others in a similar situation to that which she found herself. In her spare time, she is also a Trustee and Chairperson for a local charity.