Mountain Rescue Ireland (MRI) has teamed up with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland to deliver a “very capable vehicle in the VW Rockton”, according to Kenny Roberts, chair of Mountain Rescue Ireland.

This follows in the footsteps of an application submitted at the start of 2014 by MRI for grant funding towards vehicles for the country’s 12 mountain rescue teams. MRI was subsequently awarded a provisional once-off Sports Capital allocation of €200,000 towards the purchase of vehicles and equipment.

The following seven teams, who also had to contribute funds towards the fleet, have now received their new vehicles:

  • Donegal Mountain Rescue Team
  • Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team
  • Galway Mountain Rescue Team
  • Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team
  • Mayo Mountain Rescue Team
  • South Eastern Mountain Rescue Assocation
  • Sligo/Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team

The official handover took place last weekend to coincide with Mayo Mountain Rescue Team’s 25th anniversary. Minister Michael Ring was on hand to present the teams with the keys to their new vehicles. Tim Hastings VW Dealership hosted the event on behalf of Mountain Rescue Ireland.

“This year MRI celebrates its 50th anniversary and these vehicles are a welcome addition to the teams to help in their role of saving lives in wild and remote places,” noted Roberts.

The vehicles have now gone to their respective areas of operation around the country and will join forces again in Killarney, Co. Kerry as Mountain Rescue Ireland hosts the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) World Congress in October. For details visit