Rescue Organisation Ireland is rolling out a number of CPC Training Days to different parts of the country throughout the year, in order to allow as many emergency services personnel as possible to participate.

Rescue Organisation Ireland’s CPC Training Days offer both theoretical and practical road traffic collision (RTC) and trauma training. “The RTC and trauma scenarios are as real-world as we can make them with the aid of our highly qualified instructors from various fire services, national ambulance services and other agencies,” Mark Brennan, Treasurer with Rescue Organisation Ireland, told ‘Emergency Services Ireland’.

Participants who attended the most recent CPC Training Day at Navan Fire Station on Saturday 22 June heard from An Garda Síochána about crime scene analysis, while instructors from Rescue Organisation Ireland provided updates on advanced life support assistance at the scene of a cardiac arrest.

Talks were also given by first responders on dealing with opiate overdoses, in addition to perspectives from senior fire officers on motorway road traffic collisions.

Each CPC Training Day consists of a minimum of six hours training and participants will receive a CPC Certificate for their Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council portfolio, and at least six CPC points.

The Rescue Organisation Ireland CPC Training Programme has been designed to assist fire and ambulance services personnel, members of voluntary organisations, emergency first responders, community first responder goups, PHECC registered practitioners and other healthcare professionals to obtain relevant knowledge and training in pre-hospital trauma care.

To check this year’s schedule of CPC Training Days visit the ROI’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and the organisation’s website for updates.